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Greetings, Fellow Earthlings!

Looks like I failed to properly introduce myself when I rejoined several years ago. Allow me to start off with my kits:
* Ludwig Classic Maple (recently sold on F***book Marketplace
* Questlove Breakbeats in Azure Blue (full-time practice kit)
* Clear Vistalites (main gigging kit)
* 5x14 Acrolite snare (backup/certain tunes)
* 6.5x14 Epic maple snare (backup/certain tunes)
* 3x13 Rocker maple Piccolo snare (backup/certain tunes)

All Zildjians:
21" Mega Bell Z ride
20" ZBT ride
18" A crash
18" ZBT crash
18" ZXT crash
17" S Special Projects crash
16" A crash
14" ZBT crash
14" ZBT hi-hats
14" China crash
14" Trashformer
13" Dyno Beat K/Z hi-hats
10" A thin splash
10" Trashformer

Misc. Equipment:
Shure mics (SM58, SM58 Beta, SM 57, Beta 52B, SM10 headset)
Sennheiser 602 tom mics
AKG D190ES mics (cymbals)
Generic 10-bar wind chimes
LP 10" cowbell
10" Remo Spoxe
SKB drum and hardware cases
Sticks - 5B - round wood or nylon tips - whatever is on sale






Me? I'm a retired Army Veteran of 21 years. Love my Spousal Unit, my Sons, and my Country. I really like my dog and my guns. My standard signature block kinda says it all:

“AnyTime, AnyPlace, AnyPrice”©
Drummer since '69
Ludwig & Zildjian endorser since '74
Shure endorser since '79
Anvil Cases endorser since '80
Peavey endorser since '83
SKB Cases endorser since '00
Evans endorser since ‘09
Any sticks, any tip, any weight, any condition, new or old
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Clear Vista's !!!! I gigged a kit, for about 25 years. 22, 14, 16, 18 was my base, but I had xtra's to expand. Cool rig. Welcome back.
I like people that like afraid of them but want a cool pistol in today's whacked out 🌎. Drums guns and babes..welcome back Wildman.
Hey Brother, nothing to be afraid about...firearms, that is. Find a reputable firearms/safety instructor, take a few for "a test drive" and select one that suits YOU. Like a drum kit, a firearm can be endlessly customized to suit the owner. And, kind of like drums, ya like what ya like!