My interview with GAVIN HARRISON

Juan Exposito

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Hello folks,
This is a video interview that I did to Mr. Harrison for our online music channel and I would like to share and talk about it if you like.
Gavin was very generous, informative and fun, giving some masterclasses about timing, practicing, touring life, sound...
I hope you like it.
Thanks again Gavin!!
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This is a teaser we created in our Facebook channel and below the link to the full interview.

Full interview in Youtube:
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"Uncle Larry"
Yea Gavin is so real and understandable. His timing is sublime. His technique looks effortless, which is such a high achievement. In my mind, he's easily on the level of Vinnie, Gadd.

What a treasure of a musician.

And you are a great, intelligent interviewer! Loved your questions and where you steered Gavin.

Thank you, Mr. Exposito, for giving this to us.

What's your story?
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Juan Exposito

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Thanks for watching it and the kind words.
Hi Larryace, my story is...I´m a drummer, not professinal but I take it seriously ;)
I´´m co-directing the channel since 2018 ( )
From 2014 to 2018 the channel was "attached" to some drum companies (Yamaha, Paiste...), so the artists and the interviews were VERY brand oriented.
From 2018 the channel is free and I decided to open it to other topics (music, production, other instruments...with the drum topic as the main conductor).
Since then and without companies in the way, I could interview Simon Phillips, Bill Evans (sx), Dennis Chambers, Gavin Harrison, Thomas Lang, Dave DiCenso, Dean Brown (gt), Tom Kennedy (bs), John Patitucci (bs), Eric Martin (Mr. Big singer...)
Those interviews with some drum lessons and "music life" lessons are the main contents of the channel.

About the interviews. Only questions that are educative and interesting for the viewer and the artist (hopefully). Not biographical questions, unless some episode is really educative or emotive, helping others with it. Other "auto-forbidden" question are: When did you start drumming? Did you born in a musical family? ...Unless it comes to the conversation for something very related to the present moment o career of the artist.

Thanks for asking!
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I watched this when you first put it out the other month Juan, honestly one of the most interesting interviews I've seen, particularly with Gavin 😁

Different questions, lots of great views and insights - thanks for this, really really great watch/listen!!!