My hands are faster than my foot (single kick pedal)

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Practicing triplets (R l r L r l R l r L r l)a basic hand pattern. ( counted as 1 trip let 2 trip let......The book I'm studying tell me to put my kick drum with the accents. I'm kinda stuck at a certain bbp. Cant seem to get past this. But I can play this pattern twice as fast if I put my kicks (right foot) with the 1's & 3's and my hi hats (left foot) with the 2's & 4's. Is this wrong? Should I not practice it like this? Hope this makes sense.
Thanks for the feedback.
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I think footwork is one of the things that distinguishes, a drum set player from other musicians who would sit down at the set, like a guitarist that sits down at the set they are usually very snare and crash heavy. It also is a nice connection to danceability. However, I think it is unrealistic for most people and equipment to play the same rhythms on hihats, bass, and snare. However, if you exercise like cycling with cleats, you'll be surprised how fast you can actually play. Its fun to play double pedal licks with one foot.

Dave Weckl has an excellent video series on bass drum technique(I saw it on youtube a while ago), he recommends practicing sequential bars of quarters, eighths, triplets, and sixteenths, and iterating on that. This is a very effective way to both improve speed, but also being consistent at a tempo. He also discusses the mechanics of fast double hits and such.