my guitarist is getting on my nerves (pointless moan)


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Sounds like a great opportunity to get your guitar player to buy you a new set of 2oo2s!


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im really starting to get annoyed his obbsession with jack white is going to far. first he buys all his stuff makes us do jw covers and now demands i sell my sabians and buy paiste 2002 guess why because he uses them he recons they sound so perfect! arrg it so annoying what can i do to quit with all this! i refuse to sell my SABIANS!!!!

rant over
Unless he's paying you a salary, I'd find another guitar player.


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FB Drummer, I really like your "business plan" ideas. Playing music that the females like

to dance to is a winning formula. That's the downfall of a lot of bands, IMO, all the guys

want to basically show off and say, "look how cool I am". If the females are dancing, the

males will be there no matter what song you play. Keeping the crowd engaged is also a

winner. Your comment about guys standing there looking at the floor hits home with me, I

don't care for that either. It sounds like this guitarist just isn't with the program. I'd lift the

rhythm guy and tell the guitarist that it just isn't a good fit, this isn't the kind of band he's

best suited for.

It's like hiring someone to be a painter, and he says do we have to paint it THIS color?

Well yeah, that's what the customer wants.

Polly, your Paiste comparison to the such a Pollyism, pure you.


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FB Drummer, I really like your "business plan" ideas. Playing music that the females like to dance to is a winning formula.
thx Larry. Think we have a good thing going right now, although most of us except the lead guitarist are inexperienced. our bassist has been playing about 2yrs but studied with a great jazz bassist for most of that time and he and i lock in to a real nice groove.

I played for a few years way back in high school, quit for 15+ yrs and just got back into playing last feb, since then I've been taking lessons with a great instructor that graduated from Berklee and has been playing for about 25yrs.

Rhythm guitarist has been playing for a few years and learns fast and my wife has been singing pretty much her entire life, now its a matter of getting her used to singing in a more rock style, shes got an amazing voice, can nail stuff by amy lee, benatar, stevie nicks...etc.

anyway, still not sure what to do with our lead, honestly I get a vibe from everyone I meet and I know right away if they are going to work out. Bassist tried out and was really shy, was turned down so low I couldnt hear what he was playing but I just got a vibe from him and now he's a really good friend, got over his shyness and is a great bassist, same with the rhythm guitarist, soon as I met him I knew he was going to work out but I never got that feeling with our lead.

BTW, I may have mentioned this before but I grew up in PA, Jim Thorpe to be exact. I learned to fly at Quakertown Airport and flew all over the place back all time favorite...Butter Valley Golf Port. an insane little runway right in the middle of the golf course.

//sorry for the threadjack mrbling


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i think that's a guitarist thing, because the guitarist in my old progressive metal band was very similar.