My good old DW's


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Hello all,
I thought I would post some pics of my DW's

1994 Drum Workshop 6 piece White Marine Pearl wrap (Keller shells)
Power tom configuration
10", 12", 14", 16"
6.5"x14" DW maple snare
18"x 22" Kick

Heads: All toms have Remo white coated emperors
Snare: Remo CS batter with reverse dot
Kick: Evans Emad2 (which I absolutely love!!)

RIMS mounting system with Tama style brackets
Gibraltar rack

DW 5000 double pedal (which is my crutch for a slow foot)
DW 5000 Hi Hat stand

14" Paiste Signature Power hi hat top & Signature dark crisp bottom
16" Sabian AAX stage crash
10" Sabian AAX splash
8" Sabian AAX splash
18" Paiste Signature Full crash
20" Paiste Signature Power ride
14" Sabian B8 Pro mini china

CAD mics (yes they are cheap, but better than nothing!! and the condensers sound real nice!!) The tom mics are internally mounted thanks to some inspiriation from Nutha Jason.
Behringer board to sub mix

The older these get the better they sound. (I am the original owner).


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I haven't seen too many DW's in power tom sizes. I'll bet they sound huge!


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Thanks for the great comments!! Please keep them coming.

Garvin: That was a fun gig, I play in a christian contemporary band (Third Day, Mercy Me) kinda sound. The guy that put it on wanted to appeal to everyone (I guess) so he booked a country band, a christian band, and a classic rock band. It went real well. The gig was at Defeated Creek Marina in Defeated, Tennessee. It about 70 miles east of Nashville on Cordell Hull Lake. We weren't the headlining group so I had to set up in the corner. I was going to play the headlining groups Tama's but he's a lefty and I aint that good!!

Radeq: They don't sparkle too much, I think my flash made them look a little more sparkly.

hateplow: They are huge sounding drums and I do love the way they sound. Most of the time I don't even have to mic them, but we have done alot of outdoor gigs lately that have been louder than usual.


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Lovely kit.

Its lovely and clean looking, even the rack - so futuristic man.....


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I've got the same drum mics (CAD with the rim clips)..... how did you mount them to the inside of your shells? I've been thinking about doing this since I stumbled over the modification thread, but I'm not all that great at DIY stuff, so I was a little lost on how to start.


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If you look on the chrome part that clips onto the drum rim you will see 2 black screws that hold it to the mic mount, I took the 2 screws out and took off the clips which leaves a flat surface with 2 screw holes.

I then unscrewed 1 of the small screws that hold my DW badge in place. The mic wasn't quite wide enough to span both of the screws so I only used 1 to hold it to the shell. I didn't drill anything or make any new holes. I snugged it up pretty tight with the one screw and also snugged the butterfly nut on the mic clamp up pretty tight too and so far they haven't moved from where I set them.

I then unsoldered the mic cable and ran the cable through the vent hole and resoldered and now have internal tom mics!!

I followed Jason's advice and pointed toward the resonant head, but it was kinda dull sounding. I know he is using higher end mics which are more sensitive.

I ended up pointing toward the batter head and have been really happy with the sound I am getting out of them. My overheads are catching some of the attack while the internal mics are are doing a great job of keeping the sustain going for as long as I want them too.

I like them because it is one less thing to have to set up and worry with.

I hope I explained this ok and if I need the clarify I will do my best. I can also take more pics if necessary with the bottom head off for clarity.

***If you do this, just try it on 1 drum at first to make sure you like the sound so you won't have to change the mics around in all of your drums.***



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So you've just got your mic cable running out what.... a port hole? I kinda liked DMC's idea about making a plug right on the side of your drum. Anyway, thanks!!


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Yeah, the mic cable is running through the vent hole. I didn't want to drill any holes in the shells so I just run them through. I believe Nutha Jason already had mount holes that the XLR plug fit perfectly into. I may put some plugs on mine in the future, but for now I am happy with them.

Good luck with yours!!


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woah. Nice kit. love the finish on that baby, and It has to be a great sounding kit too :p


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Ah DWs... They never cease to amaze me. I also love the cymbal selection, and I also like how since you mount the china inverted you can't see the B8 Pro logo (which in my opinion is ugly-lookin').

Those sticks sitting on the floor tom seem kind of short (since it's a 16" tom). What model are they? ...Or maybe it's just a camera trick.


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Sleepy: I just have done this very recently, and I can say that I really like having that drum over there. I found, that in the style of music I play, I usually only use 3 drums in a fill, and was hardly ever hitting my 16" so now this gives me more options, and I find I use that 14" on the left more often then when I had it on the right.

Punkdrummer: Thanks!!

Youenjoy00myself: Thanks for the comments!! I agree with you on the B8 logo, it is not attractive, and is much too big. The sound of that cymbal just kinda surprised me, it was inexpensive, so I bought it.

The sticks....That is no camera trick. I got those in 1988 and I think they were called hot sticks, but not sure. I bought 2 pair, a set of 5a's which lasted a month maybe and those 7a's which have no tips any more have lasted for 19 years..They are made of some sort of plastic and they are hollow. I play drums at church, and found to be quiet enough, I got to use little sticks. I pretty much use these everywhere I play for some reason. They don't sound as good as wood on the drums, but sound better than wood on the cymbals. I play and practice with these all of the time. I don't know what I'll do when I finally break them because I haven't seen them in years. They were longer when I bought them but I have worn them down over the years and they keep going, and I have beat the snot out of them too.



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Sweet. I have the same sizes with an additional 16x18 floor and my bass drum is 24x18. Mine are 89' keller shells. I think I'm also going to go with the coated emperors on the toms. What are you using for resos? That's a really nice set. Hang on to them, they don't make them like that anymore.
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Mendozart: Thanks for the kind comments..I would love to hear yours with that 24" kick..I bet it sounds awesome.

I am using the stock dw resonant heads on the bottom which I believe is a clear ambassador.
It also says its a batter head so go figure. These drums were made when DW was going back and forth between Remo and Aquarian stock heads. I really like the coated emperors it gets me the sound I am going after. I have tried pinstripes..which I hated..and white emperors without the coating..they are ok but much brighter. I have just put an emad2 on the kick and have been so happy with it I think I am going to try the evans coated G2's on my toms next.

Check the picture of the drum that I have flipped up to show the mic, you can see what the resonant is.

I will keep these drums because I haven't seen hardly any older DW kits anywhere. The older these get the better they sound. I'd hate to have to start over again.