My ghetto practice kit.

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I live in the city but have a cabin in the mountains so I can escape the heat of the summer. Sometimes I get a little bored and a drum kit would be nice would completely destroy the enviroment.

The lots are relatively large (2 acres) so the neighbors are probably 500' away but, for some reason, the sound seriously carries in the mountains. You can here the neighbors talking from their decks.

I will probably pick up some e drums but I really wanted to get some practice time in this long weekend so I improvised. I brought up my snare which can be dampened pretty well with a towel or two. I'm not going to waste time practicing with just muy hands. The double bass is new to me so my feet really need work.

I have two extra kick pedals so I brought them along and made myself a couple of these.....:

Until a month ago I never played double bass and couldn't bounce my sticks. I am FAR from clean but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I spent hours simply playing, mixing up double stroke, single stroke and paradiddles along with alternating kicks.

Like I said, it's rough but, a few times, that feeling of smoothness comes along when I was able to run a few clean stokes together.

Cell phone video :)


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sounds like a washing machine on the video haha
Nice work though mate, that's dedication right there


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Aww its a shame im at work, the video is blocked by the company! Would like to have watched this lol