My Gear! (mostly Tama, Meinl and Bosphorus inside!)


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So since i bought a 2nd kit, and a butt load of snares, i decided i'd make a whole thread just dedicated to all my gear, rather than my starclassic thread...

Here it is!

My snares so far:

From L to R, bottom to top: 14x5 Tama Imperialstar King Beat COB, 14x6.5 Disturbance oak stave (custom made), 14x5.5 Tama Starclassic b/b
14x6 Tama Starphonic steel, 14x6 Tama Warlord Athenian brass, 12x7 Mapex Black Panther maple





Starclassic B/B (2010 limited edition finish) - 22x18, 10x6.5, 12x7, 16x14

Some cymbals:



14" Bosphorus Fat Hats, 18" Bosphorus Antique Medium Crash, 22" Meinl Byzance Traditional Heavy Ride, 19" Bosphorus Gold Rock Crash


Paiste 20" Twenty Masters Dark Crash Ride


20" Zildjian Swish/China (from the 1960, canadian no serial number) with a 18" Meinl Extra Dry Thin Crash ontop.


Stamp of my vintage 18" Zildjian Crash from the 60's.


Tama Fibrestar, 22x14, 12x8, 13x9 (not pictured), 16x16
13" Sabian AA Fusion hats in here too.

Also if any of you are facebookers check out one of my bands Chi Chi & The Go Go's. We are a bluesy/rock n roll band, playing originals with a Rolling Stones kind of vibe.
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at the moment toms are aquarian response 2 coated over aquarian clear classics, kick is either superkick 1 or 2 with a aquarian regulator reso, or a tama branded reso (i believe its like a powerstroke 4, very thick and nice head.) snare can be a mixture of either a focus-x (with and without dot), hi frequency, texture coated, or hi-energy, with either aquarian snare side, or hi performance snare side. as for snare wires i have a mixture of 42 strand tama, to 20strand tama, and even a 20 strand tama that i cut down to 10 strand on one snare.
Man, so wanna buy your Starclassic Set, I know it's limited and is so expensive to purchase the blue or the black ones in hyper-drive size. Damn and you have a Warlord Athenian, nor do anyone probably even know about that snare.

Where did you purchase all those good stuff? Specially that tama limited 2010 starclassic crimson sky blaze finishes?
Lets start with my Starclassic, I bought that brand new in store. It was $3,995.00 AUD. Very expensive yes, but it was my first pro kit, and I wanted to do it right, and I havn't regretted at all.

The Fibrestar (including vintage zildjian cymbals + an imperialstar king beat snare) I bought off a friend for $300, he bought it 2nd hand from an old music superstore that went bankrupt a year later or so. He never really kept playing drums, and he moved onto guitar, so this was a steal. The shells are all in round, and the bearing edges aren't damaged, and this kit is a monster! I use it as my gigging kit for fear of damaging my Starclassic.

The 12x7" Black Panther i bought off eBay many many years ago, it was my first pro drum. I think i ended up getting it for $250? It was in excellent condition, however i don't have the chance to play it these days as i sold my only snare stand that could fit this snare to a comfortable height for me, so i have to buy another snare stand.

The Starphonic Steel was brand new in store, the same one that got me my drum kit. At the time (2011) it was considered "Limited Edition" but this year Tama have brought that drum out as standard stock - and as they should have, it's a freaking BEAST!

The Disturbance Drums Oak Stave was custom made for me early this year.

...and finally, the Warlord! I bought this off a guy who was "upgrading" to the Bell Brass model. I found him through my lead guitarist - he was filling in Bass for a friends band and their drummer decided to sell it. If I recall correctly i bought it for $550. It was in excellent condition! I find it outrageous! I have not heard his Bell Brass warlord in person, but apparently it's much heavier than this drum (and trust me, this drum is really freaking heavy) and it has a bigger body and more crack too it... I'm playing a gig tonight supporting him actually so i'll get to check it out tonight!
The bell brass warlord snare is call "Praetorian" is the newer model as of the Tama warlord collection, I personally own a Masai and I have to agree it is an amazing pandora box. I really like the Limited Starclassic hyper-drive that they did at 2010 but is around $4126 USD way too expensive, wish one day I'll have the $$ to afford and I've always been a Tama guy.
Hey uniin. Do u you have any video about your hyper-drive kit? I wanna do how well they sound so I can have an idea of it.
Nice song Unin. All around good stuff man.
Very awesome all around. We have similar taste. I take it you're a Travis Orbin fan?

(I sure have posted a lot today... oops)
Very awesome all around. We have similar taste. I take it you're a Travis Orbin fan?

(I sure have posted a lot today... oops)

i love the orbinators playing! i've got one of his shirts and i even interviewed him for an assignment about a year a go for one of my classes. however i could not find the disciplin and concentration skills to play like him. mainly my left foot. also i have very little aspirations of becoming a double kick player.

Nice selective picks. You have a nice base of operations with that gear,

Thanks mate!
Lovely. Thanks for posting this. Nice choice in snares. That Paiste 20" Crash ride looks amazing.