My funk & dance band: Mouth


Yo guys, I've been playing drums for about 13 years.. We've been playing as a band for about 3. The guitar player replaced our old guitarist last month, so he's pretty fresh.

Show highlight reel: - guest trumpet & percussion

Single Song: - guest percussion

We use live looping to generate such a big sound.. nothing is pre-recorded or phrased.

It's a pretty fun band to play in, hope you all dig it.



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Absolutely stunning playing mate! Huge skill & taste. You are one classy act, & so's your band.


Wow, thanks for the positivity guys! Drummer to drummer compliments are always very appreciated.

If you want to dig deeper into my band, here is a complete live show for free download:

Also, we're broadcasting 3 hours of live tunes tonight on KC's community radio station: KKFI 90.1FM. Any of you all could listen via internet streaming at - We're -6CST (central standard time) We're starting exactly 12 hours from when this was posted.