My frankenstein monster!


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So now that im bandless, all my gear is back in my drum space is my dads company's office, so i decided when i was back in town visiting the folks to throw both my kits together to make a monster kit!

Since i havent played more than a 4 piece in over 6 years, this 7 piece was pretty crazy, but totally fun in a wierd way lol

12x8 UDRUM Custom (Blue)
12x9 Pearl Export Select (Amber Mist)
13x10 Pearl Export Select (Amber Mist)
14x14 UDRUM Custom (Blue)
16x16 Pearl Export Select (Amber Mist)
22x18 Pearl Export Select (Amber Mist)
14x5.5 Pearl Chad Smith Signature

13" Zildjian A Custom Projection Hi Hats
14" Zildjian A Custom Crash
16" Sabian B8 Crash (Had it lying around from years ago.. thought id make it as monsterious as possible haha)
17" Zildjian A Medium Crash
18" Zildjian A Rock Crash
20" Zildjian A China High
21" Zildjian A Sweet Ride

Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal
Pork Pie Big Boy 'Evil Knievel' Throne