My first year


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Not bad at all! Question - do you have any bands you play or jam with? The only reason I ask is because there's a world of difference between jamming by yourself in a practice space, and playing with other musicians where there's a lot more give and take - it's kind of an eye opener, but it will lock down certain aspects of playing. Specifically, things like the fact that you can't really stop and restart if you make a mistake - you've just got to cover the mistake and keep rolling.

Good work though! You're doing great!


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>>Question - do you have any bands you play or jam with?
Once upon a time, long ago I had a group. But in those years I didn’t have to play drums.
Here are the things that we managed to record at a party live. I sang and played an acoustic guitar with pickups:
That was around 2002...
Unfortunately, that bass player soon died of pneumonia.
And now, after many years, I am again on the musical wave, and I want to revive these and many other things, especially Red Hot Funk. Plus, I have bass. And of course, I dream of buying a decent electric guitar.
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