My first sunburst


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Been working too much and have not built anything this year. This Radio King virgin shell has been on the bench for at least a year now, so today I committed to picking a colour combo. I have never attempted a sunburst, an after a few go through attempts I arrived here. The colour is still curing and it will get a full high gloss clear when ready.



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Looks good. Having a means to spin it certainly helps.

Now it matches your grinder - ha ha.

Gloss clear coat will really make it pop.


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I love sunburst finishes but that shell in it's raw form was gorgeous. I would have given it a few coats of semi-gloss oil to amber it up a bit and kept the hardware chrome.
Really nice job, though.


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From the pics of the grinder, it looks like you sprayed the burst, but the actual drum looks like you used a brush. There's an inconsistency in the transition between colors that I really like, and the overall result looks very cool. Nice job!