My first live performance


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I thought I would catch up, say hello and tell you about something cool that happened. Because I am the Nurse of the military hospital here in Iraq, I get to bring the bands around to come visit. Sevendust, Nell Bryden, The Effects to name a few. They are always gracious. The Army, Navy, and Air Force also have bands, jazz, rock, swing, it is their actual job. By the way, these guys who are active duty love their job. They endure military life but they get to entertain the troops and... They have health insurance and a steady pay check.

The Air Force band played here Tuesday. I gave the usual tour and we had fun, they entertained the patients.
It is a weird phenomenon for me lately. I watch the drummer and in my mind, I think: “I could do that, its like an urge to get up there, knock the guy out of the way and take over. So when he asks me to sit in on a song, I always talk to the drummer and tell them about myself. The guy says: “Do you want to sit in?”. Panic.

I tell him under one condition. It is a standard back beat and the bass guitar stars at me like a metronome so I don’t screw it up.

Guy says “Cool; Mustang Sally it is”. So the show is going on, everybody is having fun, They call me up on the second to last song.

Let me back up, I don’t know if you remember your first time playing live but I was scared crapless, everybody in the audience had a gun.

I know, 1&2&3&4& Crash, what’s the big deal. But I have NEVER done this with a horn section. I am talking to the drummer, by the way, the guys name is Jesus. No kidding Jesus Delgado. As I sit down behind the old Yamaha kit he whispers in my ear: “This is your time to have fun with it, enjoy yourself”

It went great., slow methodical fills, a little flash as the end. I learned a ton. It was funny, starting and stopping a song is harder than it looks especially if you have never played it before.

In the beginning of the song, The bass player is doing this bass rift and everybody is looking at me and I am waiting for some sort of signal. The drummer, who is standing leans over and says real quietly, 1&2&3&4. On one, I hit the crash and the bass and we are off, lead singer turns around gives me the thumbs up. Finishes with a flourish and applause. As I walk off the stage, Bass player says: Give him a hand, that was his first live performance”

It was a lot of fun. Everybody has a first.

I have been playing for about a year and a half and got deployed to Iraq. I was able to cart over a Roland Electronic set and smack them around every day. It is great fun.

It was worth all the time and effort.
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