My first ever formal audition......


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So today I auditioned for a band, and holy shit, did we ever hit it off. We started up 4 different jams, two that lasted for half an hour, two that lasted 45 minutes. It was insane how we were all on the same brainwave, playing together as if we had all know each other for years.

I'm super stoked right now, and I thought I'd share!

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I like it when a jam really grooves, and I think a jam is a great way to audition a new band member, an initiation to see how compatible musos are with their groove.


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Nice one Jonathan. I'm not surprised, you're a great player (even if you didn't lower yourself to post on my latest playing threads, lol!) & it's obvious they were inspired by you. You're right to be stoked. I take it you got the gig? More info needed, & sound clips asap please.


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Thanks everyone! I'm not 100% sure I got it, but they want to have another jam tomorrow! And it'll be recorded so I'll be able to share it with you guys.

Although it'd be nice if I didn't have the flu....