My First Acoustic Kit - Your Advice/Opinions Appreciated


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NICE snag man!
That's a sick deal you got there, hardware and all!
Be sure to tell us how it sounds, I'm sure it must be pretty wicked.


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The more I sleep on it, the better I feel about the purchase. I really didnt want to buy that much of a drum kit, spend that much money or go with that "quality" for my first acoustic kit - but the more I play it, the happier I am. It sounds really good. My only wish is that I had a garage or an insulated basement so I can play it when I want to. Because I am in a townhouse, I need to be conscience of my neighbors and try not to play too late. I played until about 8pm last night, but it's hard when I dont get home from work until 5:30-6pm. I guess I still have my Roland V-drum kit for when I need to be quieter. I can't wait for Thursday night's practice with my guitarist friend. We're gonna have some fun!