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I realized what I like about the Shira Kashi sticks was the weight and size, so got some Vater 5A hickory sticks... Even better for me than the 5B.

Vater 5B (hickory) and ProMark 5A Shira Kashi Oak.


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I was always a Pro Mark guy (usually TX5BN). More recently I switched to Pro Mark Fire Grain 5B Forward which were kind of the perfect stick for me.

However, Pro Mark seemingly decided to completely discontinue the “Forward” variant of their sticks, so I’m currently in search of a proper replacement.

More by chance I learned that Meinl makes sticks for just over two years now when I was offered them at a local music store. So I decided to try their 5B Heavy model and so far it feels damn close to my Pro Mark 5B Forwards. So I might have found my new favorite stick.


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I wanna try the Bopworks sticks-Amazon is easiest for me to order and they have signature Mel Lewis and Art Blakey which I'm interested but more so in other models. I had ordered both on Amazon but then quickly stopped my order on second thought. I still want to try their standard models-a birdland stick and another one I can't remember the name. They pair sticks by weight so balanced as I recollect. I'm surprised how sensitive I am getting to sticks weight and whatnot. The feel of a stick really influences your playing and I really prefer a more round acorn like tip but others work fine too. I just want it to hold up.

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I go through phases of sticks, sometimes I like 5Bs sometimes I like 7As. When I’m into my 7As I would normally use either my Vater Manhattan 7As or my Promark firegrains. When I feel like 5Bs I would use my promark active grips.



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Regal Tip Jazz and Jazz-E were a perfect fit for me. Can't get them anymore, or so it seems. Vic Firth AJ4's are close but I'm still looking.


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Have you tried the Promark Elvin Jones model yet? The Regal Tip sticks I've tried had a pretty thick lacquer, though and the Promarks don't have that..
Yes, I have tried the Elvin's but they feel a little heavier in the hand to me, compared to the Regal Tips. I do like them though.


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Promark Firegrain rebound 5A, Todd Sucherman sigs, and Regal Tip Jeff Porcaro sigs.
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I got some Regal Tip Jeff Porcaro sticks and they are great! I may be switching to them as long as I can get them. It took Regal Tip a month to acknowledge my order and deliver them, but they did send them.


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I use Vater for a few years and loved them... Then a customer brought me a couple of pairs of Dave Weckl sticks and i have no desire to ever use anything else...
They are light.. crazy stiff and somehow last forever... easily the best sticks i have ever used.