My favorite sticks


Breakbeat Milo

It's so true what are you saying about Vic Firth....
They're just EXCELLENT!


Superlow said:
Vic Firth 5B Nylon. The nylon sticks have the tip shrunk on now, no more glue. The tip is almost Garaunteed to last the life of the stick. The nylon sounds good on washy cymbals. For wood tipped sticks, I enjoy Vater Chad Smith Funk Blaster model. Its basically a 5B with a beefier tip. They have good power and definition.
I enjoy Vic Firth 5B's as well, I have an old pair that i used for at least a year and a half and i had to replace them when the tip of the tip broke off.

PS. My first post, I surf Drummerworld all the time and i love the site. I look forward to talking with everyone.


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I love the new Vic Firth Joe Porcaro Diamond Tip series, I use the Maple 5A model for all around stuff.
For lighter jazz I use SD4's.
And for more louder playing, I use the Stanton Moore Signature Stick.

Gotta love Vic Firth


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Re: Your favorite stick?

I have 3 favorite models I always use: (all Vic Firth)

For general stuff:
Joe Porcaro Diamond Tip Series Maple 5A

For lighter stuff:
American Custom SD4 Combo

For louder stuff:
Signature Series Stanton Moore model


Vic Firth 8D suit me fine and excellent quality. vic firth all the way!!!!!!!!!


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I really like 2B sticks, any brand, I like them all. I just started using Vater and really like them so far. Vic Firth and Promarks are good too. I like to experiment with differnt brands Right now I'm trying to find the most durable, even though I use heavy sticks i go through them like crazy. I don't even consider myself a heavy drummer. The heaviest I get is Zeppelin, but the sticks are rubbish before I know what happend!! I have only broke one stick in my 10 years or so of playing though (it was a SD 9), I'm proud of that!!!


I am starting to like the Gadd signatures. They are quite feathery feeling, well balanced, light, and stylish. I believe the tips also help soften some undesirable tones from my cymbals.


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what sticks do u use

Just wondering what brand and size stick everyone is using.
Lately I have been using Vic Firth SD1 general. I know they are more of an orchestral stick but I love the way they feel plus there made out of maple.


Re: what sticks do u use

I use:

Zildjian Travis Barker Double stick
Vic Firth Steve gadd model
And pro mark brushes


What sticks do you guys use? Brands?

So......sticks......brands......i LOVE zildjian sticks for some reason.....i can't get enough of them. I use bill stewart's signature sticks now (i think they're like 7a's or something) and I lvoe them. But they do break fast if i'm playing heavy stuff....that's the only disadvantage. In that case, I just use vic firth 5b's (i just picked up sticks iin a hurry so i haven't tested other zildjian ones). I also use the black zildjian ones (iuno the size....a little bigger thatn 7A maybe?) for my pad sticks. . What do u guys use?


Re: What sticks do you guys use? Brands?

vic firth 5A naturals, and an occasional pair of 7A's.


Vic Firth American Classic Rock- they are great all around sticks that can be used for any type of playing


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I use Promark 5B in OAK, 5C in Oak and 2B in Hickory. The 5C is Charlie Adam's signature model, basically a 5b but the shoulder is tapered a little differently. I bought a whole mess of them in Oak cheap because they printed Hickory on them! I think I paid $2.00 a pair.

Also for really nice quality sticks with your signature and/or the name of your band check out jeff at He MAKES the sticks and at $2.75 a pair you can give them away or sell 'em at gigs!


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I've been using Zildjian Z4A wood tips for the past six years...they're awesome. They remind me a lot like the Promark 747's, but they have a little bit more beef at the top of the stick. Not too thick and not too thin.

I'll have to check out that custom drumstick website...for $2.75, i might switch! LOL!


I just picked up 2 pair of verve 5b. I think they were $3.50 a pair. They are excellently balanced... perfect.