My favorite sticks


Ehm... The one that works the best for me is de Vic Firth 5A model, but I also tend to play a los with the Vic Firth 7A's and I really enjoy the Zildjian Manu Katche Model, it's diameter is somewhere in between 5A and 7A, and it's as long as a 5A... works really good. And in my practice pad I don't know why... really like to use the Mike Mangini signature model, which I think is too heavy for drums and cymbals :s


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Normally I use the 5A Vic Firth. When I have less money I just buy the 5A by stagg (really good balance!!!)

BUT I haven't actually found yet my favorite sticks because my local dealer only has Vic Firth and some other crappy brands. I'm actually searching for a stick with a balance of the VF 5A, but with a finer tip.


Ayotte Jammer...I didn't want something too heavy, but I've gotten so used to the bigger size of my orchestral sticks I needed more size. So a maple stick made sense. I like Ayotte's sticks because they've got no finish, and I just prefer the feel smooth but unlacquered wood.
Oh, BTW those orchestral sticks are Cooperman's Graham C. Johns #1. Very nice. I got a whole bag full of mallets and stuff if anyone wants to hear about those.


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Re: Favorite brand of drum stick?

I use Vic Firth 7A's wood tip and Promark 747's american hickory and sometimes the japanese white oak.

Rudy McRudster

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I go between my Steve Gadd signatures and my Dave Weckls. But funny thing about my Weckls is that they are different sizes, one isn't made anymore, so I only use them on occassion.
Other than that I have the Pro-Mark hot rods which are nice but incredibly overpriced and Vater retractable wire brushes that I'm on my third year with. They last a while.


Zildjian Tre Cool....I love those sticks if you ever see me i have them in my hands some people ive known for 2 - 3 years have never seen me without my sticks


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Vic Firth for the most part

My favorite to use are the 5B

but for jazz I'll use a lighter stick sometimes, depending on my mood

I also use the hot rods bundles

and When I practice on my v drums I use 2Bs


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I use mostly generic sticks for practicing and playing on my own privately, mostly A5's. But when I am 'playing' I use either Vic Firth 5A, or my favorite stick, Pro Mark 5A, very durable sticks and have a great feel to them, but thats one mans opinion.


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Alk3fan said:
Pro Mark 5A, very durable sticks and have a great feel to them, but thats one mans opinion.
Let me rephrase, Pro Mark 5A, new generation, Japanese Oak. Wood tip... my favorite.


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My Favorite Sticks

Regal Tip Rock model
Vic Firth Buddy Rich model
Vic Firth Steve Gadd model
Regal Tip retractable brushes
Zildjian 5bs or Vic Firth 5as

Anchein Vouivra

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Jack Dejohnette's Vic Firth signature sticks are incredibly comfortable until you start sweating. It's colored white, wich make them good looking, but this painting make them slide away. I lost them during shows too many times. They also broke quite quick (I'm kinda loud player) but I wish I could find the same feeling with unpainted or gripped sticks.



Have used 747s(hickory) for years but when they came out with the Jap white oak Peart stick?? Fuhgettaboutit

Paul Quin

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I useed Pro Mark 747's for years and years - but I was mostly playing fairly solid rock stuff. They lasted a long time - they rarely broke although they did use to peel from the middle thanks to too many rim shots - and the length and weight seemed perfect.

In the last couple of years, however, my tastes have changed. I have recently discovered the Dennis Chambers signature sticks by Zildjian. They are 16" long, small tip, slightly thinner than the 747's and have a great balance.

They have become my stick of choice. Now if I can only peruade Dennis Chambers to use my signature sticks . . . .



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- Vic Firth Signature Series Danny Carey

- Vic Firth 5As

Vic Firth makes the best damn sticks...