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Hey y'all, I'm new here but I've been enjoying looking through the threads, learning and seeing everyone's kits. I've played music since I was 7, but I just started drumming because I was banned from it as a kid. My parents steered me away from it and directed my musical interest towards other instruments. I filled in on bass at church for a few months though (I usually play guitar), and started paying attention to the drums which sparked an interest. Our drummer been teaching me a few things, and I decided to cobble together a kit of sorts. It's nothing spectacular, but it's unique/different and I thought some of y'all might get a kick out of it.

The base of the "kit" is a cajon that I made with an adjustable snare assembly. Building on that is a hi-hat and an old snare that I salvaged. Next step is a crash with a tom hanging from the cymbal stand. Then I filled it out with a crash, second hanging tom, cow bell and floor tom.

The tom sizes are 12", 13", and 16" which are bigger than I wanted. The 16" floor tom over powers the cajon. I wanted 10", 12", and 14" toms, but I picked these up on Craigslist for $50, so I figured why not.

The next step is to make matching birch stave drums.

Let me know what y'all think!


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Now that is a cool setup solution. I like that a lot. Giving me a lot of ideas for what I could reasonably manage at home! How do you find the cable-driven pedal working for you? I assume that's the bass pedal?


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I'm glad it's giving you some ideas! I honestly don't like the cajon pedal, and I have $150 tied up in it. The cable system feels sluggish and I think the arm has too much padding on it.

Before I bought the cajon pedal, I used a single bass pedal that I flipped around backwards and played with my heel. It took some getting used to, but I actually prefer using that to the cajon pedal. I plan to modify a double bass pedal to see if I like that better.

Here's a picture of me playing with the single bass pedal. I know I'm playing the "back" of the cajon in this picture, but it was the first cajon I made. I made various mistakes while making it, and I found I got the "best" tone playing it on the back, so that's what I did o_O


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