My DW Collectors Series Kit (Big)


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You ever been playing your kit, hitting it good, and just get a powerful urge to show it off? Like just the way the recently adjusted it makes it feel (look) so much better? Welp, that happened to me today. Heres my kit that I bought about three years ago, the shells were made between 2004 and 2012.

The rundown: Maple shells going 10, 12, 14, 16 and 22. The snares are a pearl brass 14x6.5 and a pearl piccolo brass 13x3(?) and that little drum between them is a DW piccolo tom. Heads for the toms are g14s coated, main snare is a G1 (I like it to ring) and the side snare is an HD Dry. Piccolo tom is just a clear EC1.

I have a habit of writing on my heads just cus I saw guitarists doing it with their guitars and I wanted to too. Everythings in pencil. On the toms I have the chemical symbols for various psychedelic drugs, as I am studying them in college. They are, from right to left, Ketamine, Mescaline, LSD and THC. Next to the chemicals are various quotes from the movie They Live cus I'm still a teenager haha. The snare has a quote from Nietzsche (Ich lehre euch die Ubermensch!) and the side snare is a passage from Die Erlkonig, a poem by Goethe. Have those there since I'm minoring in German, though the german and swiss flags behind the kit give that away.

The cymbals from right to left are: 18 in Stagg DH China, 18 in Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash, 13.3 in Zildjian K Custom Hi Hats, 10 in Stagg Furia Splash, 6 in LP Ice Bell (mounted), 18 in Sabian AAX X-plosion Crash, 10 in Sabian AA Splash, 6 in Zildjian A Custom Splash (Mounted, I consider it a bell), 14 in Sabian AA Regular Hats, 20 in Zildjian A Custom Projection Ride, 19 in Sabian AA Medium Crash, 12 in Stagg DH China, 19 in Sabian AAX Xtreme China, 18 in Sabian Vault Crash, Stagg Black Metal Bell (Mounted).

I use the dual Hihats for different sounds. The zildjians I like for the stick definition and stomp chicks while the sabians are good for just laying into when theyre open. That's why I love having them there right between the 12 and 14 inch toms, though I occasionally catch my ride by accident. I mount things on my two splashes because I feel like it maximizes my space. As long as my stick comes in at the right angle, I have no problem hitting what I need. Also its just damn handy having a bell right next to your hihat. The Medium Thin crash I angle purposefully for wash riding with my left hand. I tend to wash ride my medium crash with my right hand and I want to get that ambidexterity working for me. The Medium crash, on the other hand, I angle it slightly down so I can use it as a light ride. Though I would've preferred it if it were in a natural finish, for a drier sound, it still contrasts my zildjian ride well for when I'm playing hip hop or folk or whatevers lighter. The zildjian ride I'm still working on positioning but I like it where it is generally. I use all parts of my ride, the bow, the bell and occasionally to wash ride it. I had problems when it was between the 12 and 14 in toms (that traditional set up) because my splashes and mini china would be over it and hitting the bell would tend to be a problem. So the position now allows me to use all parts of it. My Sabian china, my main china, I just moved it up high and it makes me so giddy. I'm a taller dude, so its not too much of a problem arm wise, and I love having it up high. It gives me space to work other cymbals around down low without cluttering up my toms. I am only worried though, that it'll stress the cymbal out. I had a Zildjian oriental trash china in a similar position and it cracked around the bell while in that position, though it was four or so years old while this sabian is less than a year now.

And naturally, got that Wizards sticker on the front cus they just beat the raptors in the first round of the playoffs and I gotta show my pride!

Anyway, just felt like being an exhibitionist. Hope it pleases the eye. If you wanna see it get played, I do covers right here