My drums


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This is my drum kit. Before anyone spots the fact that it's the lower level Sonor Force series 1007 Stage 2, let me say, in my defense, this drum kit has been refinished (as anyone familiar with Sonor drums will spot right away), the bearing edges have been re-cut, and the hoops have been replaced. You'd be amazed how good these drums sound for basswood shells. The snare drum is a late 70s or early 80s Tama Swingstar.

The cymbals are
16" hi-hats (Sabian Pro Series thin over Sabian B8 Pro Medium)
20" Sabian B8 Pro ride (used as crash)
22" Zildjian ZHT ride
20" Zildjian ZBT ride (used as crash) The ZBT has been modified with a lot of hand hammering

The stands are PDP and DW. and sticks are Vic Firth's American General SD1

I use a Yamaha 7210 strap drive pedal.



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Greetings. No need for you to 'defend' your drums, be they 'lower level' or 'pro level', Sonor or Sakae.... or whatever. You know, "its the drummer not the drums" thing. Glad you enjoy yours.


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They look like a fine kit to me. If you're happy that's all that matters. I had a Royal Star kit in early 80's. I really liked the steel snare that came with them. It's probably the same snare that you have. Nice kit thanks for sharing.


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...The ZBT has been modified with a lot of hand hammering...

Got a close up picture of that cymbal? I tried it once and it didn't turn out so good at all. Did you do the hammering?

Kits are mostly all fun to play. If yours is, that's what counts most.


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Welcome, Great kit.
We love stuff like this, I mean when A member takes a kit and improves upon it.
It is good when a drummer explores the various potential possibilities of what is deemed to be an entry level kit
It lets you think and be creative.
Making improvements to a drum kit can be as much fun as playing it :)


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Basswood in an underrated material for making shells. If you want a full, round, & fairly short note, it's a most viable choice. I bet it sounds great :)


I agree with everyone else, absolutely gorgeous kit. I used to own a set of Sonor Force 2001's in high school and I always thought they sounded great for an "entry level" kit. Sonor has always made quality stuff IMO.


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Loving the pedal, I use exactly that model instead of my DW5000. It's got a lovely action.

I'm an unashamed fan of these kits. The sonic blue finish really makes it stand out. Good job.


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Sorry it took me so long to respond to this again. I forgot all about making this thread. I appreciate all the feedback. And I am very proud of my drums - I've had this kit for about five years now, and while I would rather have some vintage Ludwigs with a 24" or 26" kick, I get quite a boom out of the 22" Sonor kick. I simply play it wide open, and with just the right tuning, I get a nice healthy thump out of it.

As for the hand hammered ZBT, it was a joint effort between myself and a good friend. I didn't want to hammer it to death because I'm not confident in my hammering skills, and I'm certain if we'd kept going the cymbal would end up sounding like a trash can lid. Through the hammering we done with it, I was able to cut down a bit of the ZBT ring the cymbals are known for, and darken the sound a bit. I'll take a photo and hopefully post it here later.