My Drumming Is So Bad..


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My drumming is so bad it carries a switchblade and walks with a limp.


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My drumming is so bad i got asked to be a stand-in for ringo starr xD


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My drumming is sooo bad that I call the cops on myself for being too loud.

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Haha! Nice one, Grunters!
Their snare tuning clip was the worst; I wanted to slap that nudnick !


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My drummings so bad it should be in detention.

Extra points to who can guess where that came from.

AAARH! I remember it I just can't remember from where!! I can even "hear" the voice. It will take a while but it'll come to me. Not gonna look it up!

Anthrax I am the Man !!!
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My drumming is so bad that Milli Vanilli wanted to hire me.


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My drumming is so bad that my drums wanted a divorce... not gonna lie though, it was the restraining order that really sent a message.


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My drumming is so bad the expiration date was a month ago.


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My drumming is so bad.


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Man I had no idea I was in such "Bad Company".
Heck I thought I was getting valuable info from seasoned players but heck no -all attest to be worse than the other. I'm already Bad too but my goal is to get better not worse than you guys/gals. You're all freaking me out-I've taken your critiques to heart and now find you tell me you're all full of crap. We need to have disclaimers for post now. I've never made any pretense that I was anything other than full of crap-so at least I'm honest. You others are "BAD". Michael says it better.
. We should all choreograph and dance to this as we regale how "Bad" we are. I know it. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu