My Drumming Is So Bad..


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My drummings so bad it should be in detention.

Extra points to who can guess where that came from.

I know I know! But I should, and like maybe 6 other people. I can tell you they got real def rhythms and fresh new jams.


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My drumming is so bad most people would rather hear me play bass.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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As long as it didn't make Chuck Norris cry.


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I made that post with you in mind, because it's from a metal band/song, but it's not a main lyric of the song.

Didnt they switch instruments on that song? Like I seem to remember Joey drumming and Charlie playing guitar, or something like that. Geez that was a long time ago.

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My drumming is so bad my wife signed me up to a Bridge Club.
I jump off next week!


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My drumming is so bad, People are always asking me to play a drum solo. So low they won’t hear me.