My drum kits...


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I want to show you my drum kits. They are: Premier Premier series (2006); vintage Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom (1981); Meazzi Vintage Jolly series (1968-1970).



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Not a big fan of the double tom stand in front of the bass drum. Use the mount ontha bass drum. It’s already there!!!


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Premier kit:
Bass drum 24" x 18"
Tom tom 14" x 10"
Floor tom 16" x 16"
Floor tom 18" x 16"
Pearl maple shell snare drum 14" x 8"
Or Ludwig supraphonic 14" x 6,5"
14" Zildijan Mastersound A Custom
20" Zildijan A Custom ride
18" Zildijan crash A Custom Projection
18" Zildijan crash A Custom
18" Zildijan A Custom China
16" Zildijan crash A Custom Projection Crash
10" Zildijan splash A Custom

Finish: flame red lacquer

Yamaha 9000 recording custom
Bass drum 22" x 14"
Tom tom 12"x 8"
Tom tom 13"x 9"
Floor tom 16" x 16"
Ludwig Super sensitive 14"x 5"

Meazzl Jolly
Bass drum 22" x 14"
Tom tom 13"x 9"
Tom tom 14"x 9"
Fluor tom 16" x 16"
Snare drum Hollywood 14"x 5"


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Thanks for your post and pics. I never ever heard of Meazzi Jolly,
so then I had to do a google and ..... ya learn something every day.​
3 really nice kits.​


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Would you be kind enough to describe a bit the Premier Maple series ? I own a Signia and was wondering how it could compare ? Soundwise and build quality. Thx.


I love the Super sensitive snare and the "Terminator" heads. The Yamaha set is my favorite.


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You've got some nice drums there. I've always liked Yamahas. I still have a 5 pc. power tour custom kit I bought new in 88. I've never heard of Meazzi Vintage Jolly series drums before. Were they a nice Asian kit for that era ?


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Nice drums. The setup of the Yamaha's look strange. Your snare is way over to left and forward, at almost 11 o'clock to the bass drum pedal, and beside your bass drum? Toms are far out on that stand too. Maybe its perspective of the pic.