My drum kit...WITH UPGRADES!!!


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Hey guys i havent shown my kit in awhile but i got some new stuff so i thought i'd show it off! I have a pdp mx (maple) 6 piece in emerald fade (only using 4 piece right now).
5x14 snare
22x18 bass

Evans ec2 on toms.
Remo Controlled sound on snare
Evans Emad on bass
14" xs20 hats
16" hhx evolution crash
12" hhx evolution splash
18" paiste signature fast crash
20" xs20 medium ride

The new stuff i got is the evolution crash for 195 off of guitar center plus it came with a mail in rebate for a 12" splash! so i couldnt pass that up. I replaced those with a cracked wuhan china and a 16" medium thin xs20 crash. My other upgrade is i got a pearl eliminator to replace my pearl powershifter pedal.

I want to replace my xs20s soon, for my hats im deciding between aax x-celerators, stage hats, or a custom mastersounds. For my ride i want an a series sweet ride, aax stage ride, or an aax raw bell dry ride. Im also thinking about selling my paiste sig. fast crash because it opens up really quick and i feel like it just dosent seem to explode like my hhx IMO. I will look to replace that maybe with an 18" aaxplosion crash. I only payed 65 bucks at guitar center for the signature so i will be looking to make a profit off that. I also might sell the hhx evolution splash since it was free with my evolution crash to put that money towards a new ride or hats. These are just ideas but let me know what you think and how you like the kit! thanks!



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nice, id go for Xcelerators, perfect for rock love mine but got mine second hand and they're filthy but sound so good.