My Dirty Little Collection..


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The influence of Facebook had me looking for the "like" button but seeing as this is the real internet, I'll just tell you that your collection is superb (better than "Like").

I've just finished assembling my own Segment snare, Mahogony(sp) from a shell I bought on eBay.

Well done!!

Hahaha. Its funny how some apps become the "norm".

Show some pics of your segment... and thanks for the compliments..


Well here it is for you Latz

I took apart a Mapex Saturn snare I've got in a box and used the hardware.

I had some problems, namely the shell itself was thiker one end than the other (badly lathed) but it was so miniscule that you couldn't tell by feel or by eye until I went to put the lugs on, I ended up (because the washers on the Saturn lug screws are fixed in) banging the screws on a vice to bend the washers into a curve instead of flat and this allowed me to connect lug to screw.

When I drilled the four vent holes, the drill bit (and only one I had) was blunt and wouldn't cut so well, add to that the fact I didn't drill a big enough pilot hole either and voila, wonky vent holes.

Thus the snare has been christened "Ol' Wonky"

Learnt a lot of lessons and will carry on but I'm no pro custom drum builder by any means, so they shouldn't feel theatened lol



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Don't you have nut and bolt supply stores over there? Here we have Brafasco, and a few others with a great supply of allen head stuff in all sizes, configurations, beats banging the crap out of your stuff. And if the screws were that short, wont be long before they pull out of the threads and you will have lugs to repair.

Did latz build that shell for you?


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Did latz build that shell for you?

Nope, not one of my builds. I'm guessing it was turned on a koko jig instead of a machining lathe, unless they just didn't get it centered. I asked ozz to see it..

goon is right tho, you should go get some longer screws before it pulls out and strips the threads on the lug. Screws are much cheaper than replacing a lug.

Also, next time either use a unibit (HERE)or a brad bit (HERE)to drill. They won't walk and create another wonky.. lol

Live and learn. I've got a pile of scrap from my learning curve..

Nice drum...


Thanks for the advice chaps, all taken on board.

As for replacing the screws, I will do that, although the washers have allowed at least 5 mm of play and that was more than enough for at least four roations of the screew in the lug so I'm confident that the lugs will hold but its better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you for your kind words and also the info on the drill bits, I'm on eBay having a gander right now :eek:)

The shell was bought from