My DD505

Mr. Serpent

Got it two days ago, very pleased with it so far. Obviously it's nothing to an acoustic kit but it suits my needs.

I'm not too good yet but I'm learning. Anything you guys can recomend I do while starting out?



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Simmons right? Nice stuff. I recommend that you play as much as you can (drumming takes a while, so don't get discouraged) and listen to as many drummers as you can. I always find the best way to stimulate my creativity is to listen to lots of different drummers playing lots of different music. There's a lot of great videos of drummers on this website so make sure to take advantage of them.


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Not bad. Work on your independence. Try and get your right foot moving freely from your right hand. Also, try and lower the floor tom to the height of the snare. Hope that helps somewhat.

Mr. Serpent

Thanks, both of you.

Independance is definitely something I need to work on, I'll make sure to practise as much as I can.

I thought my position of the floor tom was odd as well, but I wasn't completely sure since the arms on the kit are in weird places so I thought it was supposed to be like that. Thanks for confirming it though, it may take a bit of effort but I'll find a way to move it down while keeping the structure in place.


Not a bad set up. my advice to you would be to stick around on this forum, i've learned a lot and you will too.