My daughter's new shagadelic drums


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For Christmas I decided to refinish a drum set for my 8 yo (step)daughter since she was always inquiring about mine. I could tell she had natural rhythm and interest in music so I made it a priority. She LOVES them and I'm excited to have her learn some stuff. Her kit is setup right beside mine so practice is fun.

The kit is comprised of Tama Granstar shells collected over the years and other gear I had lying around. The wrapped shells were stripped and lightly sanded, then I applied the fur fabric. A friggin' sticky and hairy mess I tell ya. Repainted the hoops and kick drum head.

24" kick
10, 13, 16" toms
Ludwig supraphonic snare
Sabian AA hats and crash
21" Zildjian Avedis ride
DW/Pearl/Ludwig/Yamaha hardware
Evans/Remo heads.



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Oh boy, if I show these pics to my daughter.......well, let's just not even talk about it.

Very cool.


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Nice. :)

I got my daughter an Adam Percussion set which set me back ~$300 a few years back. We played together a few times over the years, but nowadays that's but a memory. I have a feeling though that we might pick back up on that in later years. :)


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Now th'at's nice and funny, also my daughter would love it and maybe it would be a good way to make her love drums and drumming.

Many years ago (say about 30 years ago !!!!!) a good friend of mine did exactly the same thing with his set (well, actually the color was dark green ...), and I remember that the set got totally tubby and almost unplayable! Well, these were glam / disco / post-hippy years ...


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Fraggles, specifically. they have a watertight fur similar to otters. :p
Fraggles are pretty small. It takes a LOT of them to refinish anything more than a 4-piece. You end up with color variations

OR, if your looking for a more economical solution, you can easily do a 10-piece kit with one snuffleupagus. Not as high quality fur, but you make up for it in volume.


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Love it - it's so cute!

How has the sound changed with the furry wrap?
I had to cut down the edges more because if just a bit of fur was contacting the head it muffled the drum significantly. Right now they resonance is cut down a little but overall they sound great, especially the floor tom and the kick.

Only 4 muppets were harmed during the production of this drum set.


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not only is her drum set furry and awesome!!!! but she has some great sizes, great hardware, and professional level cymbals!!!!............makes me wish i had a close family member that was a drummer........

the next time i refinish my set, it will be furry....i love it!


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I remember that drumset from a few years ago. "Tickle Me Drumset", I think it was called...

I would seriously add some googley eyes, if I were you.