My Custom Bass Drum Practice Pad..


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So I'm a DIY'er, really hated the idea of spending $80 on the bass drum pads advertised by PDP and the I decided to make one!

Cost: $5(for 2x4 stud and large bracket for the pedal to attach to) and some miscellaneous brackets, wood glue, screws and about 15 minutes of my time

And, it works great!! Very sturdy, no wobble. All I have to do now is add some mousepad to the 'pad' section to dampen the sound and she'll be finished!

Very pleased!


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Nice work. Any videos of her in action?
Unfortunately no, my double pedal work is nothing to brag about either, hence the practice tool aha

My phone has a decent camcorder(its what took the above pictures) but I've got a bug that makes it crash before it saves the .vid, bleh


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Before you apply for the patent, take some photos that don't have your underwear in the photo. 8+)


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Haha, gym shorts ;) And they are the gf's :)
A likely tale...

That looks a good idea though. It's a way to get some practice time without shaking the house to its foundations. I suppose you could fit triggers on there if you wanted.