My current Setup.

Vicious Orion

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This is my Gretsch Catalina Club
I have and OCP 14x6 Snare
The only new things i have added is an 18" A Custom Crash to my right,a DW5000 Double bass pedal and a Gibralter High Hat stand


Vicious Orion

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My Setup With Updated Gear

Ok So here is my updated kit.

OCP Snare 14x6
Head: Evans EC Reversed Dot Coated

Bass Drum 20x20
Heads: Evans EQ3 Resonant
Evans Batter

Rack Tom
Head Remo Clear PinStrip

Floor Tom
Head Remo Clear PinStrip

DW 7000 Double Bass Pedal
Gibralter HH Stand

14" AAX Stage High Hats
16" AA Rock crash
21" Zildjian Ping Ride
18" Zildjian A Custom Crash
RockNSoc Throne

Pro Mark 808