My Covid19 Drum Cover Youtube Project


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Hello Folks,

it was end of February 2020 when the world started to lockdown and I began putting drum covers in youtube.

Now - 16 videos and around 80.000 views later - I can say it was much fun and it will be more fun to come. I bought new equipment, changed microphones, got myself acquainted with cubase and sound interfaces, lightning, cameras and basic sound and video production. Had to overcome obstacles ("How do I get those drums out of the recording?") and destroyed some cymbals (yes I play loud).

Furthermore: If you play a video cover, you got to really learn that song with some (or all) of its signature fills. Also you get to know your weaknesses and can work on them. So you you have much fun, learn a lot and it keeps you busy for a while - what to you want more?

And it started all here with this post about my first MUSE cover! Thanks a lot folks for watching my videos and subscribing to my channel, it means the world to me!

All the best and stay funky!