My Bonny - Ludwig Accent Zep Set


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Alright, I'm so stoked about this.

Yesterday I bought a used Ludwig Accent Zep Set. I haven't had much of a chance to play around with tuning yet, but so far I am impressed. The sizes are going to be a bit of an adjustment, going from a 20, 12, 14 bass and toms setup, but it'll be fun.

The bass head came like that, with the Misfits logo. I don't mind it for now, but I may have to do something about it by the time my band's next show comes around.

Also, HOLY CRAP THEY'RE LOUD hahahahaha.

Anyways, here are the pics






26x14 bass
13x9 rack
16x16, 18x16 floors
14x6.5 snare

18 Xs20 medium thin crash over AA rock crash, used as hats
20 AA medium ride
22.5 vintage Zildjian ride

Red Menace

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She's a bonny lass all right. Happiness is a giant kick drum.

I see a double bass flam-slam patch and a single kick pedal on the kick. I'm guessing the previous owner was a double kicker and your not?

As for the reso head, I'd try some goo gone to get that stuff off or maybe a little mineral spirits.


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Thanks for the comments guys

And you're right about the single-kickedness of me, Menace.

I was thinking more along the lines of painting over some/all of the reso. That or paint some glasses on him. I wear glasses, so it might be fitting :p

Or just buy a new head; probably the most expensive option.


I love that finish! Just makes them look so fresh, and I can only imagine what they sound like.

And maybe getting a new head would be good, a fresh one will make it pop even more.


I think that bass drum could be bigger.

There's always room for improvement. But in this case, the void might be filled.