My Band's last show of the month


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I haven't posted on here in forever but I just miss you guys so gosh dern much!

Well this is my band Mandar and the Mooncoons, playing at my high school for 54 people, and even though we messed up almost every song I had the most fun ever. Our singer is pretty tone deaf but he tickles the ivories amazingly well.
Rock & Roll, the song we opened with that didn't turn out to good but I still enjoyed it
Wipeout, I think this was the best song we did.
The Hokey Pokey! Announcer guy got our name completely wrong
I Fought the Law
This is Johnny B Goode but we just changed the lyrics about our singer's purple truck
Great Balls of Fire

So if you would please watch them all and tell me what you think! Thanks


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Well, I'm glad to see some roots Rock and Roll and not.......some other pile.....

I like the stuff. Piano man/singer can do it when he is playing.....singing Robert need to be up on your feet and shaking your a$$ to get the Led Zep point across.

Wipe the drum accents like the original song and it will be better. That is the essence of the song.

Hokey Pokey......hahahaha....not really a comment for that.

I fought the law.......try to find a copy of this song by "The Clash". It rocks.

JBG.......good job.