My Bands EP tracked with some nice gear


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My band recently went to the studio to track our first EP and I would love to share what we did with everyone and appreciate any feedback. We are in the style of modern alternative rock, taking influence from bands such as foo fighters and queens of the stone age.

My trusty yamaha stage custom was up to the task, with a tama slp 14x5 aluminium snare. Fitted with emperors for batter, ambassador bottom, powestroke 3 on both sides of kick.

gear/mics used:
u67 overheads
coles 4038 centre overhead
heil pr30 snare
d6 inside kick
u47 fet outside kick
josephson e22's on toms
AEA r88 room

Tracked using ssl e series desk and studer tape machine.

Being uni kids, not having much money we packed our sessions in and worked fast. I would have liked to take the time to focus a bit more on setting tones, mic placement and general experimentation but that will have to wait until next time.

We have released two of the songs from the EP on triple J unearthed, and you can check them out here:

Let me know what you think!



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The drums sound great. That intro to Battery is really well tracked. Singer reminds me of the guy from Silverchair (of course that might just be an Australian thing). I'm not a big fan of the guitar tone, but the songs are well crafted and well played.


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Sounds great, I like it !!!!

Drums do sound pretty sweet.

Battery reminds me of Foo Fighters meet Green Day meet Oasis (English/Australian accent thing possibly)......


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quite the mic set up! if i had my choice for any mic on each of my drums i would have chosen exactly that set up. i feel like the mix could be a bit punchier considering the style of music you guys are doing but im listening to trash earbuds at the moment so i would trust me on that. either way good tunes. and rock solid playing.