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Hey all, umm about a week ago i left my old band and started a slightly softer sounding one with one of my friends, dont have any vids, but do have a live recorded track up on myspace, but ill upload it on here :) Please tell me what you think and please ignore the drumming at 2:15-2:18 lol, i was experimenting lol. Please note this is a live recording and this was out second go at making this song :)

If anyone has myspace, add us :D



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Good job on the drums. Some timing issues but nothing that can't be fixed. It seems you have a little trouble with kick rudiments at times. Just keep practicing the kick rudiments and tighten them up a bit. Hats & snare were pretty solid for the most part but felt a little laxed to me with not much volume or authority. It is very good that you notice your mistakes and are aware of them. That is sort of like an alcoholic first admitting that "he is an alcoholic" (for lack of a better analogy). You can't improve if you are not aware of what needs improving.

Vocals need to work on pitch. Maybe ensure that he has a better mix in head or floor monitor. Not sure if he can't hear himself properly or just can't hold pitch at all. ?? I know it isn't easy.

Stay encourage and most of all have fun!


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Yea i know... But it was a live recording and we only had 3 mics and a laptop(thats prob why the drums sound far away and the singing sounds weak lol). Yea i was using a really crappy no brand pedal(i forgot to bring mine lol), but i still should've been able to keep the bass in beat, but i'll work on that, thx for the input :)