My band 'Radio Sparks' - Feedback welcome!


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Wow, a sincere compliment from John is saying a lot.

You guys really are good. I too am impressed and I certainly enjoyed it.
If I were to critique anything (and I really hate to, but you asked for feedback) I would say that your vocalist gets a little bit flat at times, but other than that, it's perfect.
My favorite between the two tunes is "Sparks", for sure.

Excellent job to you and your band mates. You have a future in be careful out there. ;)
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A thunder of Coxy

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Thank you very much guys for the positive feedback, means a lot after the hard work!!

We have recently recruited a new bassist so once ready we'll record some new stuff our first official gig after Corona.

It's great that so many of you like the songs. If you want to hear new songs when they are released and want to help/support the band, it would mean A LOT if you follow/like/subscribe us on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube!! We also have bonus features there aswell such as 'Making of' videos. Thanks again brothers!