My Band on "The Big Bob Box Show" from Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Major guitar fest! 3 guitarists, how is a drummer meant to cope with that? I liked the song & the playing, + being a sad old git, I liked your girl singer/guitarist a lot too :) Thought the drums sounded good, & you're playing was right on the money for the material. Good job!

Show host is kinda annoying though :(


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That was horrible, not your band....that stupid annoying show! Unless he payed you well, (which I'm sure he did not}, next time just make your own video.
I thought you played well, good band, but I suggest you stay as far away as possible from "The Big Bob Box Show."
Yeah man, how do you cope with 3 guitarists?
I did a project with 3 guitarists recently, but I was backed up by a 2nd drummer :eek:)

Nice playing, crappy show. So I agree with the above, make your own music video! Keep it up!


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Ha, clearly the show is very polarizing in its reactions ! I cope with three guitars by playing with heavy sticks and icing my hands after I play with them. The 3rd guitar player plays relatively quietly, and primarily sings and writes, but the bass player is very loud too. It is a challenge to be heard, that's for sure. Thanks for watching and for the compliments. I think the music, which I didn't write, is pretty cool, myself. Here's another one we did, which also blasts away :