My band and I want to record some stuff with my new mixing board


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Okay so I'm in a band and I got a mixing board for a real nice price, and we want to start recording I know I need mic sand cables and stands I already have those picked out. I'm getting a macbook in a few months so I was wondering if I need any sorta programs for the macbook. Also if I can even connect my mixing board to my macbook? Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and the mixing board is a Mackie 1402-VLZ3 if that matters.


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I can tell from the content of your post you are extremely new to this sort of thing. Yes, you will need software for the Macbook, unless you use Garageband to record (I'm not really sure of its limitations, I've tended to use either Logic Pro or Cubase).

I've had a look at the 1402-VLZ3 and it looks like it only has left and right XLR outputs. Not only is that not enough but you won't really be able to get that into the Macbook either. What you'll need is an audio interface with a usb/firewire/thunderbolt connection in order to record enough channels simultaneously.

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Your mackie board wont help with recording. It is designed for mixing live music.

You need something like a Zoom R16 to use as an interface with your mac.

There is a Mac app called Garage band that is a really fine recording program. It's no LogicPro but is all you need.

All your instruments and mics go into the R16 and the R16 connects to the Mac via usb.

In my setup, I split all the band's incoming instrument and mic cables and route them separately thru the my Mackie and the R16. The mackie goes out to the PA for live play and the R16 goes to the computer for recording.

There is a learning curve but, once you get into it, it falls into place quickly.


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Think you for the help good thing I got the Mackie board for free. I'll be sure to check that stuff out