My Band, a work in progress video...


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My band are working on new material at the moment and I took the chance to video us at rehearsal yesterday for a bit of self-analysis. The song structure isn't finished as some parts need chopping down/changing but here it is in a very raw form:

The quality isn't great but it was shot with a Sony digicam hahah
Love to know what you think!


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I assume this song is going to have vocals added? If so, I think you're putting in way too many fills, especially in the quieter/more atmospheric sections. Checked out a few of your band's live videos too, & there's a good vibe going on there. I especially like your bass player. Good luck with the project :)


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It might do. We're going through a transitional phase. I've moved from guitar to drums and the old drummer is on keys (although absent from.this weeks practice).

He's always sick though so we might have to drop to an instrumental 3 piece
If vocals end up on there I will lose a bunch of fills to keep things tidy. Thanks for the input :)