My 8 year old rocked his talent show tonight


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Wow... excellent job! A+

His timing was spot on. He's showing great independence between the limbs so far. I think I may have even heard some dynamics on the HH eighth notes. And, of course, overall awareness and focus as he choked the cymbal and was ready to respond if the stand was going somewhere.

Congrats to his teacher so far and clearly you have spent the time with him to practice. Really great job for 8 years old.

How long has he been at it?


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So decisive and precise for such a young age! Congrats.

Assuming there were a lot of acts at the talent show, how long did you have to set the kit up on stage?


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Wow, that was just amazing, his playing sounds so confident, I too want to know how much time he's been playing.


Wow! Thanks for the compliments folks! Its hard to be humble, but I am trying. Johnny has been playing for two years and 3 months. It all started with Rock Band the video game. He really took to the drums on that game so we called Santa and asked for a drum kit. His first kit was a Sound Percussion 5 piece. Right after Santa delivered it, we put him in lessons with John Dutra of the band Breva (up and coming). John is also the guy behind He's a great guy and an even better teacher. Johnny's practice kinda started roughly. He was just 6 and frankly, didn't want to practice at home at all. He loved going to lessons just didn't want to practice. The following year, drumming had turned into a major obsession for me and it was now my turn to ask Santa for a drum kit. I asked for a new 7 piece Sonor and the dude in red delivered! I set up both kits face to face in our den, bought a splitter for my iPod and the home practice really took off. He and I sit in the "drum room" and play for hours just doing song covers and trying to copy each others crazy made-up beats. Drumming has really become an addiction for us. Johnny seems to have some natrual ability and I am the one that really has to work on it. I know he's not the worlds greatest drummer but I am incredibly happy with his progress to date. No misconceptions of stardom and if he quit today I would be supportive.


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I hope he doesn't quit, he is very proficient for an 8-year-old. I look forward to hearing great things from him in the future!


There is no threat of him quitting, I was just trying to say that I'm not force feeding him drums.

I missed a question earlier. Set-up and tear down was crazy! Fortunately, I was able to convince the staff to let him go first making set-up a breeze. I had about 45 seconds to do tear down... Basically I had 5 people backstage waiting to pounce on the kit and head out the back door. He was also on a rug so I just grabbed that and dragged most of it. So far, I've done set-up and tear down twice and he has another one in front of the entire student body on Monday.

I want to be a drummer but I've ended up being a roadie. I'd do it for him 50 times a day if I had to.

Thanks again fellas.


Congrats. Your son is doing good stuff. You are right to be very proud.


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Just Awesome Dad!
It is alot of fun watching them play, and as everyone pointed out , he looks very confident up there.
How was he feeling after he got done? I'll bet he had a big grin till he went to bed!
Congrats to both of you, and its really not so bad being the roadie....... :)
I love how much confidence he has when he plays. I have no doubt he will go on to become a fantastic player. Keep on rockin'!