My 22" Swish Knocker arrived today!


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Peter Erskine's got one too, although his sounds different from mine (go figure). You can see it on a couple videos here as well. They can be quite obnoxious if you aren't careful. I think the best one though is the Bosphorus Jeff Hamilton model with just the three rivets. I think the excessive rivets weigh the cymbal down and decrease the sizzle potential.


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I bought a used Zildjian 20" swish at a swap meet 20 years ago. I think i paid $40.00 for it.

I just am getting into jazz,

Would this work as a ride or is it just a special effect?


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Hi There,
I also have a 20" Zildjian Swish Knocker that I picked up in a local Kijiji deal. The cymbal produces quite a punch, with a good sustain. I don't use it often, as I my kit has 2 different Paiste rides. I might deal it in the future.