My 1st Drum Cover on You t Tube for New Channel


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Nice open groove :) I am getting a slight sync issue with the main view video that makes it a little less crisp. Nicely played!


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Great job-I like your smiling and really seem to be enjoying yourself. But I can't help notice your snare stick tip has a lot of wiggle-like it has a rubber break point?? Is that an optical illusion.
Sounds good . Nice job 👏🏻👍🏻.

The one thing that always bothers me on some YouTube stuff is that the playing is not in sync with the music . The playing lags behind the sound . I’m not a recording or tech guy and have no idea if it’s just you tube, my phone or the recording process on your end , but it always makes watching less enjoyable for me when it’s not in sync. But again, nice playing and the sound is good , even on my phone 👌🏻


Same as others have said. The audio is slightly off from the video. I would work on a way to fix it if possible. With the audio being off it distracts from how well you did. Other than the technical difficulties, I think that cover was great. Performance and sound was excellent.(y)