My 10 year old son passed Grade 8 drums at 91% ..!!!


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My 10 years old son is the drummer in our family and just before Christmas he took the RSL Trinity Grade 8 examination. The exam covers three complex pieces, ear test, quick study, questions and technical exercises.... along with a few other things.

He nailed it - 19/20 for two of his pieces and 20/20 for the third (even though his hi-hat clutch broke). Then very high points on the rest.

We're very, very happy parents and he's now studying Trinity (not RSL) Grade 8 bass at present (can play Les Claypool/ Jaco Pastorius pieces already), along with playing piano (two months study and Grade 6 level currently) and guitar (Grade 4-ish) - but he's just doing the last two for fun.....

Think I'll hang up my guitars forever now..... :)

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That’s great. Distinction at grade 8 is worth 30 UCAS points, I think.

Playing the drums gives such a good basis to learn other instruments. You seem to have a musical prodigy on your hands.