Musicians "gigs"/jobs websites/apps.


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& Hny to all me DW mates! :),
Love&peace to all! :)Are/is there "muso's wanted"/gigs/jobs either apps or websites?. I.e. here in Melbourne we have a website called " Aus/Melband".
Where band's/muso's place "available/wanted ads.As I'm seriously contemplating/thinking about a permanent move/relocating to North Bend WA,
In the early part of this year.


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Check local music stores. Here, in the USA, has a section. I'm not sure an app would be kept up to date sufficiently to be of use. Local papers in Want Ads, listing jobs/musicians. etc

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In LA there's a new APP called Jam Card. Right now it's just for LA musicians to network with one another and they do a screening process before allowing you to join.