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Jeremy Bender

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Seeing an image of a fellow drummer's home in Nashville Tn completely destroyed by a tornado last week has me thinking about taking inventory for insurance purposes.
How long it takes to amass the gear we own and shocking how quickly it's lost to natural disaster, fire or theft. (Sorry to get all heavy with this thread).

Does anyone have a cataloging method or simply an Excel spreadsheet for their gear they own?


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Would a spreadsheet listing equipment lost even be accepted by insurance?

I know I would have to take out a special rider to cover my stuff, I looked into it years ago.

I would think proof of purchases and pictures would be required as well.


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I use Access (database) to log everuything I own, and can also categorize stuff easily. I include date and where purchased, serial number, size, finish, notes, model #, brand, date (or approx year) of manufacture, an image # (images in another folder.) and probably a few other fields. I also have a 'location' field so I can instantly call up items that are in storage, or otherwise offsite.

Excel is probably fine, I don't know if the latest version will sort the way a database does.



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I catalog all my photo gear in a simple spreadsheet with brand, model, serial #, date purchased, price paid, & replacement price. It’s about 25 pages. My insurer loves it.

For my personal items, which include drums, I made a video of each room in our home m, with still shots for details. The insurer accepted it as well without issue.


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Simple Excel spreadsheet for mine - got my local store to corroborate all my values on a letter headed quote for replacements. Insurer was happy with that.
Turns out the £10k kit in a £2k car for a £60 gig thing is me.........
Insurance costs me the equivalent of 2 gigs a year.


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A few years ago when Irma was headed this way, I went room to room taking photos of everything. Loaded to a DVD, sent one copy to Sis, and put one in my fire proof safe.


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If you are going to do it, I'd say do it in a Google Doc. This way you can access it anywhere you have internet, including your phone.

I only do inventory for insurance purposes. I don't do it just to do it.


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I have a spreadsheet in google docs for my drum stuff. For example, the fields for cymbals are:
Weight (grams)
New or Pre-Owned
Serial Number
Date of Production
Date of Acquisition
Acquisition Cost
Acquired from

Jeremy Bender

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Thanks for the advice and ideas Bermuda and everyone. My Son also told me to try Google Sheets.
So I did and voila... I started this project last night beginning with cymbals then I'll add everything else I've got with a corresponding photograph uploaded to match the list.EQUIPMENT INVENTORY LIST - Sheet1-page-001.jpg
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