Music in Rec N share app gets distrupted


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Hello Every one

i recently got the yamaha ead 10 and linked it to iphone , then downloaded the rec n share app so that i can share drum covers- the play back in the app keeps on getting stuck which is kind of frustrating. Please anyone that can solve the issue let me know- Thanks


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That sounds more like the phone or pad than the software. Your phone is likely busy with backend processes, so may want to check the frequency at which mail is being downloaded, poling is not only horrendous in chewing up your battery, it’s pretty taxing on the system, especially if you have multiple accounts. Notifications are another. Best to look up some “battery saving” articles and eliminate as many as possible. Be sure to disable background refresh too and close all other open apps. That should help a lot. If not, there may be malware on your phone or tablet.

Thats all I can think of at this point.