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So i have recently been looking into expanding my cymbal setup and came across murat diril cymbal. I am in particular fond of the arena series. Check them out if you haven't yet. I am in the market for a 19 or 20 crash and right now cymbal house has got meinl vintage 20 for a $300 priced which is great. So i contacted murat diril for pricing and bang!!! 19 inch arena is 379 euro, 20 inch - 399 euro. I mean they sound awesome and look stunning but the pricing... don't even know how to put it right)
What do you guys think?


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Pricing is probably one of the least consistent things I've observed in the drum market and also changes drastically depending on nations. If you really, really like the Murats, then, y'know, there you go. (Byzance 20"s are $350 as of 2016 but the Cymbal House one might be a demo, or perhaps just a better price.)


I have a 20" Twenty prototype that's apparently one he did for Paiste and it's the nicest crash I have ever heard. I would like to get some more of his cymbals, but yes, they are expensive. If you slowly aquire them one at a time then it's doable.


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Well, Diril makes a lot of cymbals for different companies, one of which is/was Meinl. Another was Paiste. So its not like Diril is some new company to the market where they need to make a name for themselves. Think of them like Sakae was to Yamaha.

As for their pricing, they are allowed to price things however they want. If people think they are worth what they are charging, they will buy them. If you don't think they are worth 399, then don't buy them. Buy something else.
Look into the Byzance Sand series. They are the same as the Murat Diril Arena, made by Diril..only difference is the name on the cymbal. Plus, you'll probably pay less, especially if a used one is found. I have seen some over time on ebay.


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I think he may have been using the Byzance Vintage as an example of that – the "Sand" line is merely Benny Greb's subseries within the Byzance Vintage series, of which every cymbal has the sandblasted finish. Difference in distributor can make all the difference there (as far as I know, Murat Diril still does the whole Byzance, Mb20, Candela, and Symphonic ranges... I wouldn't be surprised if Meinl had switched to a different Turkish foundry though.)