multitrack drum comp'ing technique needed


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New to REAPER here, but I’m almost through the user guide (whew…). I have a question about comp’ing a number of drum tracks I just recorded. First off, I know already that I will not actually get usable audio out of each of these, but I actually recorded an obscene number of tracks during my session (17 to be exact). The purpose here was to play around with various mics and positions, not to actually mix all this in the final product, so no need to educate me there (I a fan of the KISS principle already). However, I do have a number of tracks (recorded simultaneously and with a fair amount of bleed) that I’d like to manipulate into a comp for each song.

I understand how to use takes to make a comp of a single track pretty easily, but since all these tracks need to be manipulated as a single unit, I’m not sure how to go about that. I should note that every time I punched in I did so on the same set of tracks, so every track has the exact same set of items (takes). The idea of dealing with each track individually seems arduous, but if I have to, I have to. I’m just hoping for an experienced user to show me the best way to handle this.


When bleed is inolved use gating (reagate).
Cymbals need a high pass filter.
Kick generally some compression and eq.
Snare you add reverb to push it back a bit and blend it in.

The kick is easy to eq using the cowbell method (or at least thats how i call it lol)
Sweep around a peak in the eq unti you hear a cowbell. Then mercilessly scoop it. Theres 2 cowbells in pretty much every kick and scooping both will drastically improve the overall sound.
Basically you are removing the shell overtones by isolating them.

I use reaper aswell so feel free to pm or even send the tracks and illbe more then happy to help