multirods exclusivly ?


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I've been using multirods for a few months, only to reduce volume at my house, the combo of multi's and t-shirts draped over my drums, make it so I can play hard, and not get the neighbors riled, but I really have gotten used to the " feeling " of the multi's now, and regular sticks feel weird, any one here use multi's exclusivly ?


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If I was just hitting drum heads, crashes, and hats then Multi's would be great
Rods lose their appeal when playing the ride cymbal


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I recently bought some cheap multi rods for the same reason as yourself...bit less noise around the house.
Going back to the 7a's I was using is a bit of an issue now, they slip forward in my hands very easily and miss hits from the extra length are common.
I guess more practice time is required...good for me but my wife may not be too amused.