Multiple Atlas Mounts and Bass Drum Bags. Fit Info.


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A few members have asked me about fitting a bass drum with multiple Atlas Mounts into a soft travel bag. Here is what I have found.
I use Galaxy bags. They run on the large side as far as fit on all of my drums.
They are inexpensive and durable. Just an average good quality bag that has never failed me.
Here is a pic of my 50's vintage Gretsch 22" bass drum in a 22" Galaxy bag. The drum has two Atlas mounts plus a large modern Gretsch cymbal arm mount. The drum fits somewhat snugly into the bag but I don't have to work overly hard to get the bag around the mounts and lugs. As you can see the cymbal mount (left) is in the same line around the drum as the lugs and Atlas mounts.
Always slide a bag over a drum for easiest drum stowage. Do not try to put the drum into the bag. That is the hard way :)