Multichannel Recording Options


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What are low rent recording options for more than two channels( not tracks or a mixer)

So far I've seen:

Multiple xlr to usb cables.

Some nice multi channel recorders for integration with dslr video made by tascam and zoom.

Live playback multichannel recorder and sample, by zoom.

There are a number of USB recorders by Saffire.

I guess I am looking for a product some where between the multiple xlr-usb cables and one of the other three.


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Multiple USB cables won't work - inbuilt USB audio is limited to stereo, unless you have specialised hardware and drivers.

The best value would be the Zoom R8, R16 or R24 recorders. The R16 can record 8 XLR channels direct to computer or to a memory card. The card option and optional battery power makes it very portable. You can then place the SD card in your computer and mix using your favourite software.

Do a search on the forum for R16 and you'll find a lot of drummers using it.


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Cheapest I can think of is a tascam us1800.
Comes with basic software (cubase) and you record onto computer with mics then all the work is done eith software (mixing, editing , compressor, eq, all thst good stuff).